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2024 Has Arrived!

   And So has our Complete Indoor Studio

March 2024

Full Studio.jpg

See for yourself, Professional Indoor Studio Footage and Audio 

Light Chasers has learned that there are 12 Hasselblad Cameras on the Moon! 
We decided to go ahead and stick with our Hasselblad L1D-20C that's atop our state-of-the- art Drone.  After all, it is the Highest Quality Hasselblad Aerial Camera on the market.  

Read More about Hasselblads on the MOON
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Company Vehicle


Light Chasing

AIR4 FH 0060-0064PS_25%.jpg

Everybody is always asking:
"What is Light Chasing?"

After racing to catch the blue light which is that light that occurs just before sunrise and golden hour which appears just after sunrise and before sunset.  We realized that we are always chasing the light to capture some of our finest Aerial Images, showcasing both the sky and the Interior of the buidings. 

At Light Chasers, we don't chase after the shot in a manned aircraft but we have that ability...Our lead pilot and president is an FAA Certified Multi-Engine Pilot with over 3000 hours logged in Single and Multi-Engine Beechcraft, Pipers, Cessnas Seminoles, and Mooneys.

Aerial Drone Imagery and       Commercial Photography 

Did you know that our Company Vehicle is 36 years old?  Yep, but in a good way. 
It's actually a restored 1988 Camaro Z-28 IROC (International Race of Champions).  Not saying that it will get us to your job site any faster...but it can't hurt.  

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