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We are the Aerial Experts

light chasers L.L.C. is Licensed by the faa, fully insured with skywatch, and trained to accomplish the mission.


Our aircraft feature the all new Hasselblad L1-20C Aerial Camera with a full 1" sensor, delivering stunning colors and High Dynamic Range not seen from a drone before.

The Hasselblad Natural Color Solution can Process and Record up to 1 Billion Colors, giving your image truer more vibrant colors and definition than ever.

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We Are the photography experts



For each individual image We start with 5 frames of raw data taken within a split second with the on board hasselblad l1-20C aerial camera, which consists of over 190 Megabytes of light and color image information.  Thats approx. 49 times the average data in a jpg photograph. 


Then we meticulously merge and transform those frames using post processing, color correcting software, into High Dynamic Range, Color Corrected Hasselblad Images that are ready for presentation online or in print.

Often times Our Interior images are created from 20 or more individual frames taken with various lighting techniques, then combined in post processing, for a single High Dynamic Range Image.  with our 33 megapixel DSLR Digital Camera mounted on an electronic smooth Motion Gimbal, we are able to produce sharp crisp still images and create 4k video that appears to float through the rooms. 

Expertly Trained by: 


We are the aviation Experts

Blue Mooney.jpg
  • Private Pilot and Flight Instructor w/ over 3000 Hours, in Single and Multi Engine Aircraft

  • FAA Part 107 Certified Drone operator and licensed unmanned aircraft pilot

  • Fully Insured with Skywatch, the leader in unmanned aerial vehicle insurance

  • retired detective with over 14 years in law enforcement

  • FAA Authorization for flight in controlled airspace anywhere in the united states

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